Using sliders

Adjusting the shape of a projection is accomplished by dragging sliders or entering numbers in the fields associated with each slider in the Flex Projection panel. For best results, you should fine-tune the values that define a projection in an iterative process. Use Edit–Undo and Edit–Redo to more freely experiment with the tools available in Flex Projector.

The sliders relate to the upper right (northeast) quadrant of the displayed map projection. Because projections created in Flex Projector have bi-lateral symmetry, the software automatically mirrors the information in the upper right quadrant to calculate the shape of the rest of the world.

You will find settings that control the behavior of sliders at the bottom of the Flex Projector panel. They are:

Linked Sliders – Allow you to move more than one slider at a time. Higher numbers indicate more linked sliders. It is generally best to start work on a projection with 17 linked sliders, the maximum amount, and decrease the number of linked sliders for subsequent detail work.

Note: Editing numbers for each of the sliders works independently of the Linked Sliders function.

Move – Constrains the movement of linked sliders when dragged to linear, peak-shaped, or bell-shaped curves.