Import Data

Flex Projector reads and projects vector, raster, and elevation data from common GIS and raster formats, including

• ESRI Shape files (vector data)
• JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP raster images.
• ESRI ASCII GRID for gridded raster elevation and thematic data

Free data

The Flex Projector website provides free data without copyright restrictions that you can use to make maps. Go to File/Import Vector Data From Web to import Azimuth coastline, lake, country lines, and country polygons directly into Flex Projector.

The Flex Projector website provides raster map data that you can download and reproject in Flex Projector. The data includes grayscale shaded relief and Natural Earth II land cover data.

Flex Projector assumes that any raster images with a 2:1 aspect ratio are in the Plate Carrée projection and automatically georeferences them. When reprojecting raster images, users have the choice of using nearest neighbor or bi-cubic interpolation in the Preferences dialog.